Hello PCTELA attendees,

It’s so great to be with you in PA, enjoying some beautiful fall weather, and presenting with my friend Jennie Brown. I hope you enjoyed our presentation.

Below are some links that I hope you’ll find to be useful. First, there is the 20% off coupon code from Routledge along with some of the charts from the presentation. Next are some charts showing text sets which match the nonfiction spiral presentation I presented. Finally, I’ve also attached the PowerPoint slides. Please follow up if you have any questions or ideas for how you might use this material!

Thanks, Jason

PCTELA Handout

Figures 1.1, 1.2 (revised)

Jason PCTELA Pres




2 thoughts on “PCTELA 17

  1. Thank you for spending the time with us, so much to think about incorporating NNF in our classrooms, and books to add to my personal reading list!

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